WTS Vendetta Faction Super Carrier Hull

Hi Pilots,

for sale is here an Faction Super Carrier,

the Vendetta.

Its located in Nullsec Space, we can move it, to “for us” blue space with Keepstar if needed.

Its just a hull…price starts at 450b not less, there are in hole Eve Online just
enough materials for 3 more Vendettas. So the price wont be fall down, it will
raise up. If you are have an serious offer, write me ingame.

Anarchy Manifesto

I don’t suppose the fact that there are 2 on public contracts for nearly 300b below your asking price will affect you in any way lol.
Material cost: ISK 175,380,827,394.85
There’s also the fact they cost nearly 300b less to build.

congratulations on creating an infinite thread…

1 bil … offer stand for 1 min only …take it or leave it :stuck_out_tongue:

110b offer

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