WTS Victor 300B, Virtuoso 180B

Not in a rush. Had my fun with them.

Contract the Victor

If he doesn’t take it I’ll buy and fly it.

Contract both to Chilil

Victor contract up to Black Eagle Trust. Virtuoso contract up to someone who mailed me in game. Thanks to all who responded.

Accepted. Thank you!

Jealous. Enjoy the free profits :stuck_out_tongue:

Things should be flown. :frowning:

Between my holdings and the 6 lost, there are still 34 that can be flown…

That implies you sold a couple - plenty of ships for everyone :wink:

I did sell… plenty of ships for everyone is enough to convince CCP to hand out 140 of each these days…

I have purchased from Black Eagle, he does sell he’s good people. If I had the liquid I would have responded and purchased it and got it blown up. :smile:

Did that other deal fall through - that you are looking to spend the Bestla ISK still :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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