WTS Victors and Virtuosos

Good Evening, Eve Online.

On behalf of Hydra Reloaded, 2nd Place in this years Alliance Tournament, I am officially opening up the sales of the new AT15 Alliance Tournament Ships.

Please note, there is a VERY limited availability. For ease, after discussion with the other winners of the ships, I will also be the point of contact for English speaking sales for Vydra Relolded. If you’re a russian or can speak russian feel free to contact Nika Noiser yourself.

There are 10 sets of ships for sales, 10 Victors and 10 Virtuosos. That is all. The Victor is a long range high strength webbing recon with 9 effective turrets that should see it deal about 1k dps at range, similar to the Adrestia and may become a real powerhouse in the tournament scene.

The Virtuoso is a flexible stealth bomber with strong webs, blasters and torps (that may actually apply this time).

The price for the Victor is 230bn

The price for the Virtuoso is 150bn

Prices are non-negotiable. A small discount for buying a set may be discussed privately. If you’re a long standing customer/collector known to me we can also provide a small discount.

Please note the RELEASE DATES for these ships are October 24th, and as such this is essentially pre-ordering. I will require no deposit, or any isk upfront. Ships will be contracted as agreed when they are released.


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Bump 2 of each gone. 8 Remain.

To the top!

uuh ooh \o/
new fancy ships to be had, come get 'em!




bump they’re coming soon

You have lied to us all they are still not out. :stuck_out_tongue:. Also friendly bump for a good guy

They are out

The ships are finally out boys.

Bumping this now. I will be in contact with those that mailed me for a pre order and taking any new orders aswell!


i will offer and pay 200bill for the Victor and not one penny moar !!!

offer retracted , accepted lazerhawks Victor , sorry

First sets gone.

got 6 more of each for sale

up to the top, these ships are rather good!


to the top


first victor dead it seems.

Bump back from my holidays.

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