WTS WTT Victors and Virtuosos SALE!

Hello, New Eden!

I am captain of VYDRA RELOLDED. My team got 25 victors and 25 virtuosos with 1st place in AT15. There are only 49 victors (thanks, Lazerhawks!) and 50 virtuosos in game. So, we controll near one half of AT15 ships. And most part of this uniqs will stay in our hangars for personal usage.

We are looking for sale a few ships with next prices:
Victor - 230B
Virtuoso - 145B
there are solid discount if you will buying more than 1 ship.

You can offer trade for other uniqs with equal price or extra isk from your or my side.

Mail me ( Nika NOisER ) in game.


ps track of the day - Jupiter - Oh I

buy AT15 ships in VYDRA’s shop! :grin:

ps track of the day - Omar linX - Can’t Forget

still sale

track of the day - Megadeth – Black Swan

still sale

track of the day - Goldfish – Get Busy Living

to the top.

track of the day - Three Days Grace – The Real You

victors and virtuosos still available %)

track of the day - Gorillaz – The Sounder


track of the day - Jeff Beck - Women of Ireland

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track of the day - Device - Penance


track of the day - Kaleida – Think

The sale begins. Large discounts! I have only 2 pairs for firesale.

Mail me ingame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


track of the day - The Prodigy - Beyond the Deathray


track of the day - Oasis – Wonderwall


track of the day - Epica – Deconstruct


track of the day - Jakalope – Pretty Life

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track of the day - One T + Cool T - The magic key


track - Within Temptation - Angels

I have heard that victor is like moracha :wink:
If u want moracha, but doesn’t have enough isk, look on victor or virtuoso, best choice for their isk :sunny:

I have discounts, mail me for details.

Mail sent.


track - Kraak & Smaak - Toxic Love Affair

still for sale/trade :wink:

track of the day - Justice - D.A.N.C.E.