WTS/WTT Victors & Virtuosos [CHEAPER THAN HYDRA]

I captained Lazerhawks’ debut into the AT this year, where we strolled through the winners bracket before getting beaten by VYDRA and HYDRA, placing third overall.

We are looking to sell or trade 3 Victors and 3 Virtuosos.
Victor: 210 b - SOLD OUT
Virtuoso: 140 b - 2 LEFT
Acceptable ships to trade would be tournament useful uniques (Rabisu, Etana, etc). I don’t care for your titans or Mimirs.

Located as BPCs in a cool and good Caldari high sec station that’s not Jita 4-4 or a kickout. Every purchase comes with a complementary shuttle for easy transport.

I’ll endeavour to watch this thread but I encourage you to talk to me directly. You can contact me/LL Anum in game, or @anomilk on tweetfleet slack.


i will offer and pay 200bill for a Victor and not a penny moar !! (same message sent to bluemelon on his ad)

first to accept offer gets my business


I’ll accept that offer

make contract to pottebee ingame , thanks

Accepted , enjoy the isk

good luck with the other bpc’s

I’ll take all 3 virtuoso for 375.

I’ll meet you half way and do 3 for 400

Check your mail in game :slight_smile:

2 victors, 3 virts still available

still d2sell
victors are soon to become even more limited after kingtut feeds

still for sale
had some low-ball offers but i can say from my own experience that victors are definitely worth >200b

The Prophecy has come to pass… good call lol.

no victors left
2 virtuosos still on sale

still for sale
a great xmas gift the whole family can enjoy

bumparooni, still got some virts for sale

do you have imp or fiend?

that’s a negative ghost rider

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