WTS Victor

What price was the last Moracha sold at?

prob. about 400b or 400b+


Moracha owners im ready to deal…

For someone that offered 600bil for the moracha magni you now say it’s not worth it now that it isn’t available. Seems like you are mistaken by what people will pay for these ships. Even yourself.

To anyone saying that any of my ships have been sold you are also wrong about that I still have them they’re just being held for AT so my friends have a better chance of winning.

To everyone else shitting up this thread please stop unless you personally know me. If you have offers on the victor I would like to hear them but anything under 350bil I will consider a free bump.

Thank you for your time.


Publically you have to maintain your lie, hahaha, gl with whatever you are up to mate

Don’t let the poor’s try and dictate terms to you!

Lot of love to ya koral!

(worst rabisu owner ever btw (peer pressure!))

Only cash? or wanna trade for a certain at boat?

Magni is just forcing the Moracha price to go lower as Hes trying really hard to buy one for 350 bil.

Moracha’s worth 600 bil, simple as that.

I’m paying that much for mine next month when my monthly iskies get paid out.

Try buying one from PL or someone else for 500 or lower and you’ll be laughed at.

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