WTS Victor

You see the title I don’t have to explain more then that

Ingame Mail Sent.


Mail sent from me too.

mail send

So I didn’t get a chance to check mails today but a bunch of my AT friends are making me hold onto the ships for them the only vessel available right now is the Victor and seeing as how people are willing to pay 600bil for a moracha these days I’m not going to let the victor go for cheap. The power of a DPS webbing ship is obviously worth alot of isk so therefore the victor should 've worth a while lot more.

So if you have any good offers of 350+ for the victor let me know. If not good day

lol good day

Last one got sold for 210b …

Under Priced. It is worth at least 300 bil.

When racha is worth 600bill, victor is worth 500bill… at least


Who said racha was worth 600bil? The fake threads and fake buyouts?

People need to understand how easy it is to be scammed on the forums

Dark Magni is right guys, don’t be scammed by Dark Magni.

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Funny thing is, none of them will admit it publicly, but privately, they will all whisper “How did Magni know?”

It is because I wasn’t born the day before yesterday mate.

Mate, I think your just trying to sow the seeds of deceit. Get off my board normalfeg

If persons do not listen to me and lose hundreds of billions to you and your friends in your scam, I couldn’t care less.

I just find it good sport to get an accurate analysis on you through your lie and for you to know I did. Some people exist you cannot cheat mate.

dude you must not be the brightest crayon in the box (who knew eating more crayons wasnt going to help)

why do u have to post the same thing in every thread


Who even are you?

Who the hell are you? Are you a cahara zody alt?


ah u got me

im just some nobody:)

but aren’t we all?

He’s got a point were all tired reading your nonsense. Stop asking random people for a moracha unless you’re actually willing to pay the 600 bil were sick reading your shite