WTS Whiptail AT Ship :partyparrot:

Hull only

Located in high sec

Interested in trades or isk!

Post offers here or mail me in game (Will check once a day or so).

Low balls will be considered free bumps :smiley:

20 billion isk

there goes ur first free bump :rofl:

125b isk

130 :cowboy_hat_face:

wasn’t last sold for 185ish? gl

150 bil


155B :slight_smile:

160 bils

Still for sale!

What is the high bid for this

Had an initial offer in game for 250b, but they dropped out. Then I’ve had another in game mail offering 200b so that’s the current high bid.

Guessing offer of 300b no longer stands Magni?

Was only a query, you can talk to me on discord if you like. Its too painful and slow to talk meaningfully on these forums.

Dark Magni#6890

Still for sale!


175 bil

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