WTS Whiptail AT Ship :partyparrot:

Hull only

Located in high sec

Interested in trades or isk!

Post offers here or mail me in game (Will check once a day or so).

Low balls will be considered free bumps :smiley:

20 billion isk

there goes ur first free bump :rofl:

125b isk

130 :cowboy_hat_face:

wasnโ€™t last sold for 185ish? gl

150 bil


155B :slight_smile:

160 bils

Still for sale!

What is the high bid for this

Had an initial offer in game for 250b, but they dropped out. Then Iโ€™ve had another in game mail offering 200b so thatโ€™s the current high bid.

Guessing offer of 300b no longer stands Magni?

Was only a query, you can talk to me on discord if you like. Its too painful and slow to talk meaningfully on these forums.

Dark Magni#6890

Still for sale!


175 bil

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