WTS Whiptail AT Ship :partyparrot:


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how much?

He wants 300b+



More like around 250 :rainbow:

To the top!

Bump! Interested in both trades and isk

I’m back! And still for sale :partying_face::partying_face:

To the top!! :sparkles:

Trade you a Vanquisher for it

Thanks for the offer man, but i’m looking for other AT hulls or isk :rainbow::rainbow:

Just curious: will you put it up for raffle on the hypernet relay once it’s available?

Hey, sent an offer in game. Hit me up please, I’m interested.

Bump! get your Whiptail before I smash it on Hyper net :partying_face:

Sorry didn’t see your message before i’m considering putting it on hypernet

How much are you looking to sell it for?

I would consider offers of 300b+ considering Virtuosos have been going for 260b on hypernet recently