WTS Whiptail

WTS Whiptail

In no rush as I use it when I can and I don’t really need the isk

115b per below Highsec located, 40+ Killmarks
Per latest post accepting offers at 115b for Valentine’s Week :heart:

2isk for screenshot

To the Top Sunday Morning

IG Offer from I.O. for 105b

100 B now


Current lead offer is in game mail of 110b and the below comment

I’ll mention again really not in any rush to sell so “now” doesn’t mean anything…

The ship is fun to fly I have 200+ kills in it and I hope whoever buys it intends to use it

110 ready to go

Daily bump…

Getting closer to what the last one sold at (125)

Received 3 In Game Offers today @ 110bn… In addition to Sasha’s bid above on the thread


Per above leading bid Is 110b which has been received from 4 people.

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Have not had time to check mails since yesterday so current bid currently @110

Looking for closer to what the last one sold at 125…

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Current high bid is @115b per above… last one sold at 125b but we are getting close!

I’d be willing to take 120-125 if price got there

Hopefully the buyer continues to fly this ship


Get your whiptail for the weekend Pew


Still for sale, In game mails have been below the current 115b offered on forums.


Asking price lowered to 125b which was last public sale price, no rush

In stead of lowered you mean the price just went up by 5b?

Asking Price was previously 130b and I was willing to take less at the time of the post.

I’m still considering offers between 120-125b, but an immediate buy-out is available at 125b (same price last public whiptail sold)

It seems you are not offering on this sale anyway

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Will be on to check mails tonight ustz

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Still for Sale

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