WTS Whiptail [SOLD]

With BigSharkBait’s reaching an untimely demise, only 45 remain!

How many are in the hands of players who have left the game, never to return? The ship is currently being moved from nullsec to Jita. Looks like Casper sold his for 200, and the only one since then reached its 155b buyout price in less than 24 hours, so we’ll see where this goes!

Serious offers only please.

Edit 2: SOLD for 181.1B

170b ’

Offer noted - It certainly looks promising!

Ship has thankfully made its way to Jita in one piece.

172b …

Offer noted! New high bid is 172B. Looks like it’s climbing so I’ll give it until downtime tomorrow and the winner will be contracted! The thread has been updated with the end time.

End time has been updated.


Offer received and main post updated! Less than 10 hours remaining!

175b bid


176b …




177 2




You win :slight_smile: well done enjoy your new shiney !

Auction closed, contract accepted! Thank you to all participants and enjoy the whiptail!