WTS Widow BLOPS Pilot 9.4 mil SP -SOLD

(Peachez McPhee) #1

Want to sell me:

  • JDC to V
  • Has Widow Raata Sunset SKIN.
  • Looks good in an Eternity Suit.
  • Great name for fleet comms “Warp to Peachez at 0!”
  • Can bridge out of the box

Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill Rights
No Additional Jump Clones
Located in Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Asking 7 Bil

(flarrceed) #2

7 bil

(Peachez McPhee) #3

7Bil accepted

(flarrceed) #4

isk and acc name sent

(Peachez McPhee) #5

Transfer Initiated. Thank you very much.

(system) #6

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