[WTS/WTA] 7.1m skillpoint char - interceptor pilot - unknown char


WTS/WTA ExoTroll


PW: 123!!!

Gallente Interceptor pilot

  • 7.1m skillpoints

  • 4 x +4 Imps + 1 x +3 Imp

Starting bid: 4b ISK
Buyout: 5b ISK

Auction ends 1 week after the first bid or when buyout is met.


  • Cool name


  • Unused char
  • No killrights
  • Has never been in a corp
  • Positve wallet
  • All standings ok
  • Located in Jita


All CCP rules apply.

Ping …
… this auction is still open.

Ping …
… change: the auction will end 3 days after the first bid or when buyout is met.

2B offer

Ding …
… starting bid not met so far.

2.5 bil

2.1B Bid

2.2 b offer

Pling …
… starting bid still not met yet.

4b buy

Can you wait until tomorrow for the decision?

no no no

can you sell the character now?

No sorry, normally 3 days delay as mentioned above.
But i would sell it tomorrow, if you can wait 1 day.

okay I’ll wait 1 day

ok thx, cu tomorrow, if there are no higher bidders.

Okay, Aignon Orlenard, you are the winner :slight_smile:

Please send 4b ISK and the receiving account name to ExoTroll. The char transfer will be started immediately then.



sending ISK and account name

Confirmed, both received. Thx o7
Starting transfer now.

the translation is done