WTS/WTT Caedes

Would love to trade for another fitted AT vessel (preferrably victor with some isk to round it up) or selling it for isk
A lot of killmarks, fully fitted

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Well thats possible, but I consider virtu a lot less valuable since it lacks in solo department and there is a solid presence of this ship on market.
In this case (if virtu fit is decent too) we can negotiate some isk compensation.

What you looking for?

Victor - most of all

Not worth half of a Victor


Obv there might be some isk compensation

how much? i got only hull. be realistic

Fitted caedes is close to 300 on market and I can add another 30b since unfitted victor price is somethere in 320-350b area

Up, looking for decent trades

To the moon :large_blue_diamond:

240b bid via mail, looking for more

Still here


To the moon

Still looking for a victor (with isk compensation from my side) or pure isk

Still for sale


Still looking for a buyer who can get a good price