WTS x2 Characters (3)

I will reply to this thread with each character involved.

von Khan - 5,029,962 SP - 0.13 Sec Status

Kaeso Lars - 4,261,859 SP - 0.00 Sec Status

All are in NPC Corps and have positive isk balances.

Not involved in any wars or bad blood. Not been used for quite a while - these were mainly used as SP farming toons until the ability to transfer with plex was nerfed…

Sensible offers and questions welcomed.

Been a while since I posted on here so apologies if I missed anything.


Confirming Ownership

1 mill each

Are you trolling all my posts?

r they pvp ready? if so i can do 5b

Please look at the linked skills and decide if they are pvp ready for you … As I have no idea… Thanks

no I just don’t have billions

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