WTS Your Dream Tengu DED Runner/Hot Dropper

Hey Observer Gal Shark here!

Are you looking to hit the DED jackpot? Or perhaps you’re looking for a HK alt to light for your ELITE BLOPS gang? Well look no further!

I am a 31.8M sp über-specialized Tengu pilot with the perfect set of skills for your needs!

Key sp takeaways:

  1. All Tengu subsystems to 5
  2. Perfect HAM, HM, and supporting missile skills so you can clear sites with max efficiency
  3. Max probing skills so you can get your ship on your target in the blink of an eye
  4. I can fly falcon with decent ECM skills and light normal cyno for you
  5. I can light covert cyno with only 24 days of training

I also come with a full set of High Grade Crystals and +5 learning implant set.

Bonus points:
I have great standings with SOE, Gallente, ORE, Minmatar, and InterBus. With security connections skills trained to 5, you get MAX LP from mission running as well!

buyout 25B


20B buyout

22B is ready please





will buy for 25b

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