WTS - Zirnitras (Tama/Ignoitton) - on hold

0 currently available, may start selling again after patch

will offer 8.5bn
can you get it to amamake

1 still available

The previous ones sold a while back, but 2 more are ready now - again available at 9b including Ultratidal gun or 8.8b hull only.

Currently in Tama, can be moved to Ignoitton

Price reduced to be more competitive with current pricing - now 8.5b including gun or 8.3b hull only.

Still available.

One sold, second one is still available (currently in Ignoitton).

Another one sold, however 2 more came off the factory line, so 2 are again available - now at 8bn hull only.

dont be offended, but i’ll take it for 5b

Not offended, but they’ve been selling at/close to 8, so if you want it you’ll have to offer more.

ill wait till they are 5b. there are some on contracts for 7.75b. i actually wonder if i should wait till they are 3-4b given they were 40b like a year ago

Hi, do you still havbe Zirnis maybe with weapons in stock ? Whats youre pricing ? If yes Ingame message would be nice

Sorry forgot to update the thread - I still have some in stock, but stopped actively selling for now considering material requirements will be more than doubled for them and it’s not clear what they will be worth post patch.

Ahhh okay sad thing… if they are back on sale hit me up ^^

Aged well.

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