WTT Abyssal BCSs for 2 x Vepas's Torp Launchers

I have a number of Abyssal BCSs that are superior to Vepas’s in overall stats, and I am looking to trade them for up to 4 Vepas’s Torp Launchers.

These BCSs are much more valuable (double or more?) than the torp launchers simply because BCSs can be used on any class of ship while Torp Launchers can’t, so please don’t ask for a one-for-one ratio trade on the higher quality BCSs. I know that there isn’t really much demand for the Vepas’s Torp Launchers due to people preferring Cruise Launchers, and the limited ships that Torps are good for, so please don’t quote Jita market sell prices as they aren’t valid. I have screenshotted some of BCSs I am willing to exchange below.





These are not all the BCSs I have available, I can show more if asked. Some have more niche attributes than others. I am also likely to throw some freebie modules into the contract if the person I am trading with is reasonable :slight_smile:

Daily prod

Any interest yet?

I am still interested in this trade, any offers?

Title has changed, I am now looking for Vepas’s Launchers too. Don’t be shy, contact me with your stuff to trade!

Any interest?

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