WTT: Your old cynos moved to Jita in exchange for any T1 hauler ship already in low sec

I run a courier corp, and I need T1 hauler ships located anywhere in low sec systems. So if you want your old cynos moved to Jita, maybe we can work something out!

I’ll move up to 10 old cynos from any low sec system to Jita for you IF you give me a T1 hauler ship of any kind in that low sec system. If you have several T1 hauler ships, then I’ll move more of those old cynos to Jita.

We can structure the deal anyway you’d like…start small if you want. Then try some more as I gain your trust. Item exchange contracts only, since I do not want the headaches of lots of plastic wraps. NO NULL SEC NOR CITADELS!

You’re telling me that if you give you 10 cynos, I can you give you an 11th for free?

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