Xa'sar ♦ Out of the shadows they came

Silent Coalition: https://www.silentcoalition.com
zKillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98586883/

Xa’sar is founded on several basic principles:

:diamonds: No drama. I have a very itchy trigger finger on the “Kick” button.
:diamonds: No mass recruiting. Our goal is to reach maximum 50 members or even less depending on activity levels.
:diamonds: No closed-off Illuminati. I’m available all the time to answer questions to individual members about the direction of the corporation, ship reimbursements, my favorite color, etc.
:diamonds: Self-sustainability

We’re a very small group of Active PvP Pilots with a commitment to strong Teamwork, Efficiency and Relationship between members (insert your innuendo of choice). We as a corporation are based on specializing in small scale guerrilla warfare and interdiction style tactics primarily flying Cruisers and down.

We’re also the primary PvP Corporation within the SiCO (Silent Coalition) and always interested in members even if you’re not PvP based you’re still more than welcome to join one of our other member corps if PvP isn’t your thing or have an alt to make ISK.

What We offer:
:diamonds: Active PvP Across all time-zones (US/EU/AUZ)
:diamonds: Experienced PvP Guidance, Training, Teamwork and Organization
:diamonds: Fun but Serious PvP Environment

What we do:
:diamonds: Empire Shenanigans
:diamonds: LowSex Roams
:diamonds: Wormhole / Null Raids

What we need from you:
:diamonds: Microphone and Discord
:diamonds: Active Pilot
:diamonds: PvP Orientated Character
:diamonds: Commitment to the Corp
:diamonds: Full Self-Sufficiency


Lets goo pew pew pow bam :smiley:

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Boom boom now lemme hear you say wayo! lol

Can I join just for the war? I don’t have a microphone but I do have discord?

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