[XIGNX] Reignited, now Recruiting Capable Wormholers

Born from my previous venture as Ignis Fleet, Reignited is now fully operational wormhole corp seeking for active people to fill in our ranks as we seek to reignite that fun wormholing flame. We live in a very comfortable C4 Pulsar with a C3 static as well as a C4 static for the best of ratting without going into capital territory.
C3 and C4 Wormhole Opportunities:
-41mil-45mil per C3 combat site
-twice as much per C4 combat site [86mil-92mil per C4 site]
-non interrupted mining after initial spawn is killed off

Corp Opportunities:
-85% Jita Eveprasial Buyback
-Frigate and Dessie SRP on ALL Fleets
-daily stock of Ventures for mining needs
-Mining Fleet SRP excluding any faction mods
-50% isk from ANY low power/abandoned loot pinatas you find in WHs or in nullsec

Since this is a wormhole corp, I am looking for those people that can drive my corp to be self efficient inside our comfy home:
-miners to deplete any ore site ongrid as well as depleting any nullbloc moon that we may come across. PI will also count as mining. enough interest in PI and we will launch an Athanor just for yall reactions.
-manufacturers to build up our T1 Fleets from the ore that the miners mine. you be the one the ship orders be going towards.
-Ratters be the isk generators for the corp, more loot being flowed in, more the corp thrive.
-Lastly be our Guardian Angels, the Harbingers of Death, the pvp bois for them hole defenses as well as popping ANY loot pinatas. You WILL get 50% of the total isk from the loot that we will be selling for finding low power/abandoned loot pinatas in WHs or in nullsec.

If you looking for a fun wormhole corp to join, consider Reignited as the flames are just being reignited.

-Thank you for looking into Reignited and hope to see you inside our C4 Pulsar home, hopefully as a corpmate and NOT as an intruder whom we will either slaughter or die in a glory ball of flames trying.

Closing topic at OP’s Request