XML API brocken since 12 hours

hey guys,
i have since 12 hours problems by sending request to the xml api
sometimes i get “SSL: Connection reset by peer” and “HTTP request failed!” errors while using my php script.

whats up with ur xml api server?

fly safe

XML is a deprecated API and will be removed within the next 6 months. You should be transitioning to ESI.

I have the strong feeling than many third part applications will be abandoned not updated. As i say before, in my country making an electronic Invoice, mandated for the IRS equivalkent, is difficult, with a technical complxity in design and not very much practical.

but is relatively simple Seven hours and you do.

The way ESI moves, meaning much work than the IRs process of my country, is not relevante and very burden when you have a large corp or many toons yourself.

Myself selling pilots and consolidating for simplify accounts. Other people too. Is more probable i update at hand with master-details forms, for myself, than updating to use an overcomplicating solution for simple things in your char management.

the XML API server works again

and yes i know its deprecated. it would cost me weeks to move to ESI and … its not so easy like the old xml api :confused:

You’ve got about five months remaining…


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