XX(SOLD)XX mil Char for sale PVP/FW B/O 30bil

(Mr'Fatalist) #1


Hi everyone

Give me your best bid.

B/o 30b

Amarr Frigate / Level 5
Caldari Cruiser / Level 3
Caldari Destroyer /Level 5
Caldari Frigate / Level 5
Covert Ops /Level 5
Exhumers /Level 5
Gallente Frigate /Level 5
Gallente Industrial /Level 4
Interceptors /Level 3
Mining Barge /Level 5
Spaceship Command /Level 5

Bomb Deployment Level 4
Guided Missile Precision Level 5
Heavy Missiles Level 4
Light Missiles Level 5
Missile Bombardment Level 5
Missile Launcher Operation Level 5
Missile Projection Level 5
Rapid Launch Level 5
Target Navigation Prediction Level 5
Torpedo Specialization Level 5
Torpedoes Level: 5
Warhead Upgrades Level: 5

(TxivYawg1) #2

28 bil buyout offer

(Mr'Fatalist) #3


your bid is noted.

(Alexander Linton) #4

29B B/O.

(Amelia Sturges) #5

30 B/O

(Alexander Linton) #6


(Mr'Fatalist) #7

Amelia Struges. you where the first to reach bo. so contact me in game. im online now

(Amelia Sturges) #8

Thanks. Isk and account info sent

(Mr'Fatalist) #9

ISK and Info Received

EVE Character transfer startet 04.00 EVE TIME

Character Transfer Initiated

(Amelia Sturges) #10

Transfer notice received. o7

(Alexander Linton) #11

I’m not even mad, I respect you for giving it to the person who posted B/O first. A rare sight in the EVE world.

(system) #12

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