WTS 21.7m PVP Pilot

This Character For sell.
Character Board : EveSkillboard - xiaoou Mx

  • Amarr BattleshipV

  • Caldari Cruiser V

  • Gallente Cruiser V

  • T2 Medium Hybird Turret

  • T2 Large Energy Turret

  • No killrights

  • Positive Wallet

  • In NPC corp

  • Loc in jita

  • No jump clones

Start bid : 15B
B/O 18B

Thanks a lot.
xiaoou Mx

xiaoou Mx 10 G

Support skills kinda need some work also no implants. But decent Character.

Starting with 11b Bid.

Thank you for your reply. But i’ll still wait for a higher price.

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Its fine. Hope you dont take too long though. Keeping liquid isk is basically isk that isnt making money.

14B offer

Thank you for your reply. I’ll accept that offer. Send the message and isk in game. Then I’ll get the transfer start.

14.5b incase the sale doesnt happen.

Isk received. Transfer began.

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