Character SOLD


Amarr Carrier IV
T2 Triage
Fighter Hangar Management IV
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
T2 Skirmish+Armor Command Bursts
Gallente Frigate, Destroyer, & Cruiser V
Can fly Proteus subs IV, HAC, Recon

Quick Cross-train into Shield FAX and Dreadnoughts

Positive Wallet
34,297,355 sp
+5 Training Implants
Character is currently in NPC corp

Start the Bidding at 25b

B/O offers will be given up to 24h consideration to allow others to make counter offers.

29 BIL B/O

35b b/o offer

Unless i receive a higher bid than 35b by tomorrow, I’ll be accepting Keterin Tsurpalen’s offer.

isks and account info sent.can’t be in game at evening,so you can send isks back if somebody will offer higher bid.thanks

35b offer Accepted, Starting Character transfer.


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