YEYO Sex And Coke Party Open Recruitment!

On behalf of Sex and Coke Party, welcome!

We are a corporation of space friends who like to do our own thing and enjoy the game as it better fit us. We are experienced in most type of activities and we cover most of time zones,We have a relaxed type of game-play, RL always comes first.

Requirements to join us are the knowledge in some specific aspects of the game; situational awareness, small gang experience, low sex mechanics. Decent SP required to field any full T2 Doctrines needed. English speaking only.

Currently living in Oulley

We are looking for players that enjoy blowing up stuff, piracy, tears, booty gifs and have a good time Full Armor BS doctrines, Recons and Bombers, Attack Battlecruisers are our main focus. Having a logistic / scout alt is a plus!

No taxes! No alliance slavery! No politics! No ■■■■■■■■! Just blowing up spaceships!

Take a look at our killboard:


We are proud member of black flag syndicate a lowsec alliance that’s highly active and very much growing

We expect you to be on coms for PVP fleets of course.

Join our in game channel if you want to chat with one of our recruiters:

SEX AND COKE storage and body dump

Hope to talk to you soon pirate

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Just to give you an idea as to what we do, here is a story about one of our newbros. Enjoy the read and come hang out with us.

Story time!

So, I recruited this pretty much straight out of the box newbro into corp. The guy has been playing for 2 weeks and he wants to be a low sec pirate. The interview goes great. I am like “He doesn’t know anything yet but he has spunk and he is willing to learn. I like his attitude and personality. Perfect fit! I want him in my corp. He is going to do great.” So, I get him into system and get him into a PvP gnosis. No worries. Now let’s get him some kills!

We get him on gate. Everything is going wonderfully. We are making kills and having laughs. So far there are no hot droppers. Life as a LS pirate is good. He is learning… And he finds himself alone on the gate because we all had to ping off due to gate guns. Bad timing on our part.

And wouldn’t you know that this is when a lone tayra comes jumping into system and starts stealing our loot. Well, what does our newbro do? He locks up the tayra and starts killing it of course! All by himself. We hear this very frighted voice over coms saying, “Point on Tayra?” The fear and disbelief is palpable in his voice. You could almost hear the stunned question everyone was thinking being asked over coms. “Did our newbro just say what we think he said?”

The fleet proceeds to frantically get back to gate. We are all hands on deck and coming in to save him (cause, you know, no one messes with our newbros)… and like a stabbed bastard the tayra warps off.

Well, hell. We missed a kill but that was outstanding! So we get back to business and start clearing the field. Half of us are off the field cleaning up or mess like good little boys and girls. And guess who comes slinking back?

If you guessed the tayra, you would be correct. And if you guessed that our newbro was thirsty to kill him, you would have been correct twice. The whole engagement was a sight to see. Yeah, our newbro made mistakes but he made up for it with determination and courage. (Let’s be honest here. Half of us didn’t do so well on our first ever PVP experience.) And yeah, he did get the kill.

1.) I am proud. My first PVP experience I was so freaked out I locked the target and forgot to shoot my guns. This guy was actually trying to bump the tayra off the gate.

2.) This is what I live for. I have pretty much written my story in eve. No it isn’t finished. But I have accomplished one really big thing. I want someone else to write theirs. And if I can help them do that and help them make memories they will carry throughout their Eve career, then I have won again at Eve. Tonight I helped someone else create a story they can jokingly tell someone else in those uneventful moments during fleet.

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