░ You! Higher mammal, can you read? GREAT! ░ EUTZ WH Corp

:radioactive: Interstellar Nuclear Penguins :radioactive: is expanding.

Come join us in Wormhole Space!

Here’s 10 reasons why you should:

➊ We do buy back and all that shizz
➋ Our hole is great (no we don’t do tours)
➌ Happy to show NewBros™ the WH ropes
➍ Jeff Bezos Tax Rate (0%) to support your own blue origin
➎ No over the top Skill or ISK requirements
➏ 10 seemed like a small number when I started this
➐ Established with good connections to chain in K-space
➑ We killed the ship’s crew and ate their livers!
➒ We’re up for a lil’ PVP
➓ Discord and a bunch of other tools make life easier

Interested? Open the hatch an come chat in ISNP Recruitment in game or say hi on our discord - Penguin Mafia.

Not for you? Fine.
Just Smile and Wave Boys, Smile and Wave

We’re still recruiting. A few people asked about Planets. We’re sitting on a bunch of gas and storm but our connections are good and the hole is scanned down usually before reset.

Also time wise, we’re EUTZ with life commitments and jobs but usually someone about hence the map is always ready for you to explore

Any other questions drop em here or jump in our discord

Still recruiting, drop your cloak and say Hi
watches local

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