Your Shortest Time between Storyline Missions?

Hey all,

I just had a good run of missions and managed to get my time between 2 SL missions to two hours. I think that’s a personal best although I think I have gotten close to 2h before. I still remember being chuffed with 2 SL’s a day (pre-anomics admittedly)!


Anyway, it got me to wondering what other people’s records were. I’m sure people like Anize and Chainsaw have gotten me beat, but surely their times cannot be that much quicker?

Post your records here!

[edit] it just occurred to me that distie missions are probably a lot quicker, for the record I was talking L4 securities. But irrespective of mission type or level, if you have had a speed run you were pleased with post it here so others can aim to surpass it!

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If I get one a day I’m stoked. The vast majority of my missions are full clears and I’m not declining any to take a standings hit.

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You do know you can decline one every 4 hours with no penaly, yes?

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These days I’m aiming for a SL a day too, mainly to counter the corp standing loss of repeated declines (I have multiple agents in the one station so my corp standing can be nuked pretty quickly when cherry picking).

Yes, I do realize after 4hrs that there isn’t a penalty.

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I mainly blitz for the isk and LP, blitzing for storylines would be a different mission set. For example running all 3 recons, or all 3 parts of the anomaly are great for getting storylines, but not so good for isk/LP. Probably should have done that back when mining mindlinks were going for 1bil+ though.

this SS has a 2h20m gap, but like I said it’s a different mission pool, could probably get it faster, but not really worried about it so don’t bother.


isk/lp > standings. I have the 2 run CNR bpc from years ago when I farmed faction standings, but these days you can make the isk to buy a 100 CNRs in the time it took to farm that BPC. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

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I’m pretty sure I did beat that. I was did the Gallente Epic arc, then ran SOE arc to offset the Caldari hit. So I had missions from the previous arc already counting, then those SOE missions, they go soooo fast, its super easy to get story missions on side cause a lot of them are “go meet that agent there” or “deliver this over there”, and they all count as completed missions towards picking up a story mission.

On regular basis, very rarely I can get something this close, only if I grind distribution missions in a travel fit badger and get lucky on delivery locations.

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I think my best time was about 1h 10m. Doing what? Almost max skill prowler, L4 distribution. You’ve got an align time of about 5 seconds and a warp speed over 10AU/s with HVO rigs, while still fitting 3 cargo expanders to net you 9k cargo space, enough for 3 giant secure containers, giving you space for almost any distribution mission save one, which is going to take 3 trips, but it’s a L4 storyline.

Keep a couple interial stabs in your cargo for the 4km3 missions, and you can even bring the align time down to sub-4s, while keeping the 2 repacked secures on you.

Start the run in the heart of an empire, but just grab whatever’s close to your destination for the next one, and you shouldn’t have any take more than about 5 minutes. The only ones that will slow you down are the rare kill missions, which are still generally much easier and faster than the Security alternatives. Keep tabs on your completion count (16/storyline), and make sure you complete the final one for the right faction/corp. It’s going to take a bit longer if you’re trying to be picky about who you work for along the way.

Fit isn’t hard by any means. Tank is whatever keeps highsec gate campers off your back for those few seconds you’re uncloaked , and as long as you’re not near Niarja on a Friday, no one’s going to bother you while you watch tv while semi-mindlessly clicking ‘jump’. I normally toss on a purely passive buffer shield tank for about 25kehp which is totally overkill.

I’ve been engaged twice at gates, survived both times since they couldn’t kill me before I was warping away. Some may think you’re a potential juicy target since you can’t be scanned.

They get dead boring, and you have to be on top of your clicking jump, but hey, makes a great ‘netflix and chill’ mission setup with extremely low risk in a sub-300M fit. Your LPs end up all over the place, so it’s not great for isk if you’re doing them for whomever, but if you need to repair standing nothing really beats it that I’ve found. Also good for getting standing up on the research corps that don’t have many higher level Security agents.

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