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Hello Everyone,

I’m a line member in Pandemic Legion and I’m fortunate enough to participate in amazing fights throughout the universe. My YouTube channel name is Toddfa and I regularly post capital warfare videos every now and again based on in game content. With Pandemic Legion being a nomadic alliance we have not one home and are always seeking out fights across Eve. I offer unique ship point of views ranging from hunting in-cyno’s to avatars and revenants during capital warfare. ISK is something I don’t have problem with so if viewers want to see end game footage, I’m the provider for you :slight_smile:

My Channel: Toddfa


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Vendetta Exposed
-Baiting and killing Paquito’s, of Shadow Cartel, Vendetta faction super carrier

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R.I.P. you will be missed, your videos were the best.

I have returned to Eve and plan to record fleets again.

My last video (9/1/2017): Pandemic Legion - Quelling a Rebellion

Hello Everyone,

I have since returned to Eve and have 2 more videos to share. Enjoy

Video 1
Pandemic Legion Presents: Weekend Raiding

Video 2
Pandemic Legion Presents: Lack of Initiative