[YUSSS] Hole Divers Inc - PvP Focused WH corp looking for new prospects

Ever wanted to experience Wormhole life? Tired of shooting space rocks or NPC’s who dont pose a challenge in High Sec? Look no further!

Hole Divers Inc. Is looking for laid back people who arent afraid to get their hands dirty, whether it be shooting them tasty WH rocks or fighting Sleepers.

Looking for PvP? You’ve also come to the right place! We fully support the delivery of ammunition towards unsuspecting targets!

What We Offer:

*Chill, laid back group
*Small gang PvP
*Moon mining
*Industrial Support
*Plenty of targets
*Beer and debauchery

Recruitment Channel: Hole Divers Dive-In

Or Evemail: Siara Tian

Note: 10mil SP is required, exceptions can be made if necessary.

Shameless Bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking for those who want to make a living WH space! Bring your guns, bring your miners, just dont bring your minors!

The ranks are growing steadily, will you be the next pilot to fall in line? Hit us up in our channel “Hole Divers Dive-In” and hit us up!

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