Z5-Kultures is looking for fresh corpses

Hey there!

We are a group of high and nulsec capsuleers. Our motto is to find as many frozen corpses in space as possible for non-disclosed “research” purposes while enjoying sweet beverages of Quafe and you can do that too!

In all seriousness though.

Z5-Kultures is a corp within warped intentions, a group of capsuleers that likes to hang out, chat about and play the game from a RL first perspective. This means no quotas and no targets to bump up against.

Our corporation mainly focuses on hanging around in Providence nulsec as blues. In terms of money-making we mainly do industrial activities with a side-dish of wormhole day-trips.

From a PVP perspective we love to do bombing and Blopsing, while also having access to the many other PVP activities in our local space and provibloc-wide fleets.

We are looking for and trying to setup some action with regards to Drifters and their hives. If you know more and have more experience on that, you are very welcome to help the alliance and local coalition getting started on that! (though it’s in no way a requirement)

The Corporation and alliance offer the following services during your stay:

  • Alliance TS and alliance oog-comms.
  • Mentally-Warped TS for your everyday fun and loungy convos.
  • An awesome group of friendly pilots around you, eager to help you.
  • Access to local standing fleets in our home systems with possibilities to make money and shoot stuff.
  • buyback program.
  • Cheap freight services for transportation of goods and ship.
  • Access to providence wide fleets for awesome fun and SRP when you loose something.

Oldie in the game? You’re gonna love it!
New to the game? we run alpha/newbro friendly fleets all the time!

Interested? Join our in-game chat at: "Z5-Freezer"
You can also chat up my boss “Niloh Shuran” or me “Lorik Whispersilk”

Not interested, but having to many corpses in your hangar? Chat me up, we need more of them!

Fly safe!

// Lorik Whispersilk
Recruiter @ Z5-Kultures and Warped Intentions

Still drinking Quafe :wink: also bump

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Warning – This corpse is only interested in your social assessment as a new member they monitor your input into discord and mumble and assess. They are in fact mainly concerned with mining there PVP is limited. As a returning player I just experienced long conversations about garage clearance or worries about ice mining #corpsecorps