ZAA - NPSI Angel Cartel FW community

Zarzakh Angel Affiliates
We are a new group opening preemptively in anticipation for the new Havoc expansion!

As a NPSI (not purple shoot it) community our fleets will be open to any enlisted Angel or Gurista pirates! Newbros, returning players, and bitter vets are all welcome to participate.

The focus of this community is to participate in all aspects of the new pirate warfare. We will spread corruption and actively take part in PVP, PVE, and PVE-VP.

In addition to running fleets, we intend our discord to be a community hotspot for pirates. Trade goods, advertise zarzakh related services, find friends to team up with, or just shoot the breeze! We also offer a buyback for Zarzakh, its connecting systems, and all of LS. SRP plans are in the works as well!

Do you have a pirate FW corp you want to advertise?
Corps that are intending to enlist with either Angel Cartel or Gurisa can advertise here! One post per 24 hr. After Nov 14 all corps must be enlisted prior to posting.

Do you want to be a FC?
Part of our preemptive release is to allow early vetting for potential FCs and community leaders! Speak to me in DMs if your interested. We also have a program for training FCs after launch!

Are you a skilled JF pilot looking for work?
Theres going to be loads of people needing assets moved, this could be a great opportunity for skilled logistics pilots to make isk moving in assets!

Are you a community leader?
We want to collaborate with you! If you are a gurista or angel cartel fw community leader (corp, alliance, npsi etc) feel free to get in touch with me! We’d love to keep an open dialog and work together for the war effort.

Hope to see you there!

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Does the pirate life call to you?

The deathless needs your support.

New update: We now have a section for corp adverts! If your corp is intending to enlist into either Angel Cartel or Gurista pirate FW this is the place for you! After Nov 14 all corps must be enlisted prior to posting.

Thread will re-open in 24 hours.

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Yarg matey come join the pirates

Interested in the new havoc content? Come check us out!

Come spread corruption!

Getting closer to Havocs release, I hope everyone’s excited!

We’re growing larger everyday, come check us out!

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