Zkillboard info pull

Okay I have searched high and low. I am new to trading and doing rather well. I use evernus but would like to make my own google sheets. I have a template but would like to add the function of pulling the most used items on zkillboard. Is there any way to do this. I looked at the zkillboard site and it give api info but not sure what to do with it. Hope this has not been asked a jillion times.

I don’t know about zkillboard so hopefully you will get someone else reply on that question - or you could try going to the thirdy party developer subforum here and have a look there, I think there is a post about zkill.

One thing you can do that is quick and easy is to have a look at the monthly economic reports in the dev blogs forum, look for the link in each monthly blog to the data dump and get this. In there is a comma delimited file called killinfo or similar that you should have no problem importing or pasting into a spreadsheet where you can play around with it.

I actually downloaded the zip but must have missed the file somehow. Thanks for the help I appreciate it. The 3rd party developers forum mentioned an sql or mongodb pull which shpild be something to learn this weekend.

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