Zoldyck Solutions is (still) recruiting!

We are a smallish, well-established wormhole corp, living in a c4 with c3 and c5 statics and great PI.

The set-up with our statics provides tons of potential income, with regular fleets for both PVE and PVP. Even if fleets aren’t your thing, the c3 is very doable solo, and the gas available between the statics has plexed many alphas in our corp. Our local indy wing is alive and well, with projects both small and large, and buy back spread around a bit. Corp does buy back gas and various other rotating goods.

We’re well known for playing a part in the beginning of the Rice Wars (we brought the rice) and providing green to other corps Zkills. The best part is we’re active across EU and US evenings in all sorts of activity and space, especially around the weekends, so there’s always people to talk to/ fly with, ranging from 2mil sp pilots to 200mil sp pilots.

Our requirements list tends to be shorter than most, asking for only:

  • you play the game sometimes
  • you are willing to learn our methods for bookmarking and what not
  • you are a “team-player”
  • you are open to ESI check.

Come stop by our Discord to chat if i havent lost you yet!

Currently in extra need of a PVP FC and/or Leshak pilots.

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