Zoldyck Solutions is (always) recruiting!

We are a laid back, smaller corporation that likes to krab, pvp, indy, and shitpost. We happily clothe, feed, and house Bitter Vets, Newbros, and everyone in between!

We operate in J-Space and live in a C4 wormhole with C2 and C3 statics.

What we want to offer you:

  • A C4 Home: Offering a buffer from kspace, and some harder sites for bigger groups.
  • C2 Static: Offering solo content and PVP opportunities, and a kspace static
  • C3 Static: good for small groups and a bit harder solo content, and a kspace static
  • Opportunities to make isk with corp Indy projects or our amazing PI.
  • Tight Group of Shitposters
  • No SP, ISK, or Omega Requirements
  • A Real-Life First Based Corporation
  • A Vote In Major Corp Decisions

What we want from you:

  • Personality Match
  • A Drive to be Apart of Corp Growth
  • Discord for Communications and Voice Chat for Ops (you don’t have to speak, but you need to be able to hear)
  • Willingness To Train/ Fly Corp Doctrine
  • A presence in hole

If you are interested, stop by our Discord and chat with us. Discord: [ZOLDS] Zoldyck Solutions


Would it help if I said we have cookies

am i telling that we do… you can find out… just swing by our discord and ask

Well if cookies Aren’t your thing then perhaps you will enjoy shooting all the rats that are gathering to feast on the crumbs that are left.

WTB corpmates who fly veds and legions :))))

Still recruiting PvPers/indy guys/PvErs :wink:

Wait, your bombers have BOMB LAUNCHERS?

We also have rice, and pictures of rice… ‘;…;’

Whats your activity in eu prime time?

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