Zoldyck Solutions | C4 WH Corp | Newbro Friendly

We are a laid back corporation that likes to krab, pvp(poorly, but we are getting getter), and shitpost. We happily clothe, feed, and house Bitter Vets, Newbros, and everything else in between!

We operate in J-Space and live in a C4 wormhole with a C2 and C3 Sec static.

What we want to offer you:

  • A C4 Home:
  • C2/3 Static: For Fleet ISK Making and Good Chains
  • Tight Group of Shitposters
  • A Real-Life First Based Corporation
  • A Vote In Major Corp Decisions
  • Ships for corp ops
  • Great PI opportunity

What we want from you:

  • Personality Match
  • 3M SP
  • A Drive to be Apart of Corp Growth
  • Discord for Communications and Voice Chat for Ops
  • North American Time Zone
  • We are active from about 0:00 to 6:00 EVE Time
  • Willingness To Train/ Fly Corp Doctrine
  • Willingness to help scan holes and roll then when required

What we don’t want

  • Players who only show up for pings that don’t want to help drive corp content.

If you are interested, stop by our Discord and chat with us. Discord: [ZOLDS] Zoldyck Solutions or join our public channel, ZOLDS Pub

To the top!


And again.


Had some fun fights this weekend. Back to the top.

Happy Wednesday! Bump.

Slowly growing. Come grow with us.

FC: alright, fleet warping. When we land, align to the praxis and launch your bomb, then torps.

Katyos: wait, your purifiers have BOMBS??

praxis casually finishes rolling the hole with, ~9k hp left

Me: Nanika overheat your guns so I don’t die.

After I die

Nan: Sorry bud, I didn’t want to burn out my modules

Enemy mega escapes with 615 HP and I lose a ~550m ved. We take all the fights.

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