Zorya's Heavy Entropic Disintegrator is OP iki abyssal pvp

hi Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator with iki is too op in abyssal pvp no way to kill iki need nurf

look this kill/death stats https://zkillboard.com/character/90195467/

lets farm isk with this

Then do it yourself :slight_smile:

Gustav_Mannfred XD

This cracked me up lol. My last kill was an iki in a cerb. I was looking for an iki today but i got 3 empty provings then the gate closed because CCP is handicapped. So i went back to PVE.

Balancing 1v1 is a fools errand that even games makers like WOW are not dumb enough to undertake.

Remove Abyss, it has no place in a sandbox.


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