[ZR0-E Alliance/Corp Recruiment] High Sec Miners rejoice! There is a way to mine in peace!

  • Not War Eligible
  • Help us make high sec bears go crazy
  • Make ISK selling the ore you mine from their fields back to them
  • There are no rules. You’re a Free Captain

Hello dear miner,

Have you longed for a time when you were not constantly harassed by those that wish you the most harm in your beloved high sec mining fields? Would you just like to mine in relative peace?

At Zer0 Enterprises, we are fully compliant with the New Halaima Code of Conduct. Praise James 315!

Here’s the best part: join our Alliance or one of the corporations within and you will be CODE. compliant as well AT NO ADDITIONAL OR PERSONAL CHARGE! (Monthly corporation alliance maintenance fee of 2 Million ISK notwithstanding.)

Additionally, you will become part of a growing entity that cannot be war decced under conventional Concord rules. We follow a gypsy-like mentality with material possession. We don’t own facilities. We use those of others after working lucrative trade deals.

Do you like doing things other than mining but want something more than the NPC corps?
We can help there, as well! Zer0 Enterprises constantly works on alliance trade agreements with local merchants, making sure you have cheap prices on everything from research facilities to manufacturing assembly lines!

Boring, you say? You want to shoot at things, you say? We have you covered again!
We have a strong policy of allowing our Free Captains to decide their own destiny. Want to gank pipelines? Go for it! Want to pirate in low sec? Please do! You are more than welcome to engage in ANY gameplay choice in our alliance.

But I don’t want to move from where I currently operate.
We don’t want you to move either! There is no requirement that members of the alliance have to move their assets anywhere they don’t want to do so. Stay where you are but add to our growing network! It’s franchising, baby!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!! Don’t be a Hero. Join the Zer0!

Our website. Our discord.

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Do you want to do something real with your life as a capsuleer?

Help us tax the elitists and feed the hungry children of the New Eden cluster by joining our Ore Reclamation and Social Redistribution department.

Here, we take ores from the fields of the elitist miner baron’s of the 0.5 systems and give it back to the PEOPLE! To date, we have opened thousands of schools, funded thousands of orphanages, and helped many booster addicts kick their addictions.

All this thanks to the genius of James 315 and the New Halaima Code of Conduct. Make your immortality mean something today!

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We’ve had many, many high sec elitist miners try to discourage us from our recruitment and our existence. We will not break!

We are on a holy mission to return the ore back to the people, to end their suffering on the planets below us, and to lift them up to the prosperity of the heavens!

Join us and help us mine the salt of the elites and feed the mouths of the poor.

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We have had so many capsuleers, if you would call them that try to hoard ore from the people. People are hungry, children die everyday and these atrocities still continue. We shall do everything within our power to alleviate these issues form continuing on.

Do you want to help give back to the people?

Let’s give back to the people. I hope to see you on the front!

Well hello there capsuleer!

Club Zer0 has undergone a few changes, and all of which I must say are for the better!

We have an understanding and knowledgeable crew, that seeks to guide and uplift those that feel lost or left behind. We truly believe that each capsuleer is their own, and should walk their own path… Why not travel and learn from some of the best, and (possibly) find the family that you’ve always sought for.

Whether it’s with Club Zer0, or an alliance with Zer0 Enterprises… or a Corporation searching for reliable and steadfast allies… We have what it takes to not only enrich your adventures in New Eden, but to help make the changes necessary for all to prosper.

Come and see what we’re about, if we’re not what you are seeking, at least you’ll walk away with a chuckle and a positive attitude!

Fly safe o7

Khadria Ulutek
Director of Recruitment
Club Zer0

We’re still looking for miners that want to make ISK, not worry about wars, and mine the hell out of some rocks.

Not being war eligible is a huge advantage folks, plus being 100% CODE. certified means you can mine in peace (relatively).

But we don’t just cater to miners, oh no! Industrialists of all sorts, mission runners, wormhole divers, traders and even the chatterbox type are folks we’re looking for.

Drop in and say hi, see what we’re all about.

whispers* we have drinks and dancers too!

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