ZYMUS Industries

Who are we? We are carebears with teeth. Our primary income is industry and ratting and general PVE but go have a look at our killboard you might be surprised.

  • Daily PvP Fleet
  • Living in SOV nullsec
  • Alliances services available
    -Looking for cap pilots
  • Looking for cap builders
  • Active Players looking to make it big in this small effective community

If you are sick of being a number in a big alliance just making enough money to go on the next fleet and maybe solo PvP the odd time, Hate travelling 30 jumps to fight?
Down here we have PVP content in every direction.

SO come Join ZYMUS industries and inject some meaning back into playing eve


  • Eoghan Macc
  • Stickumnote
  • Denardius Elongur
  • Nielar Olorin

Join IGC ZYMIN RECRUITMENT to speak to a recruiter today.

Rorq boosts? What

I love killing ■■■■
Mining too

Super Bloc warfare…eh yeah

money money money

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Edit: Count this as your daily bump.

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