Null Sec Mining Division Looking for Industrialists

ZYMUS Industries (ticker: ZYMIN) is a Null Sec PvP and Industry corporation in the Stella Nova Alliance (SNOVA).

Our main purpose is to support our alliance with manufacturing, logistics, and resupply. We also actively participate with our alliance in call to arms and forward deployments.

This is a great group for pilots who enjoy manufacturing and want to get their feet wet with doing PVP. The content available here in the south offers a great variety of play. Some of our services include:

  • High degree of organization and leadership
  • Jump freighter services
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Frequent PvP fleets including strat ops, roams and CTAs
  • Access to All ABC ores and Ice
  • Frequent mining boosts
  • Opportunity to rise through the ranks as a leader
  • Ore and mineral buyback program
  • Participation in projects for developing orders for the alliance

In short, this is the group where you can get space rich and be a part of the kind of fleets you only read about.
Full API keys to all accounts are required prior to join.

Join our in game channel ZYMIN Recruitment for more, detailed information

ZYMIN still recruiting. Open for new, returning, or veteran players looking to mine.

We’d really like to have new players as well. Getting you caught up to speed and away from high sec will make the game much more enjoyable. Please evemail Demolitiona for more information.

Still looking for more miners and people interested in Industry.

Recruitment for this division is still open. Seeking those who enjoy mining and industry.

We are still looking for more miners to participate. Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for more miners.

I’m interested. I will be online later this evening around 7pm CST

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Thanks for reaching out to us Kimmi. A recruiter will be in touch with you shortly, as well as Demolitiona.

Still recruiting more members. We are also looking for US players as well. Evemail me for more information, or look up ZYMIN in game for more information.

I’m look for a corp hope you are still recruiting.

Hi I have 5 pilots/accounts, all Omega and all trained in mining, 96 mil sp industrialist pilot, 86 mil sp rorqual, jump freighter pilot with rorqual, orca and rhea jump freighter, 94 mil sp pvp/pve pilot with caldari carrier, 54 mil sp pilot scanner , and 17 mil sp mining pilot. All are trained in t1/t2 mining barges.
I have several alts on these accounts trained in planetary mining. If I decide to join you I would be bringing all pilots and alts.
I have been out of game for several months, but kept my training on all pilots up. I have lived in Vale, Paragon soul, and Immensea over the years that I’ve played.
TeamSpeak capable. I live in Ontario, Canada
Comander Ilneck Tyme
Tyme Industries currently located in high sec. My corp is made up of my own pilots. I would be interested in coming as a corp simply because its easier to keep track of equipment and resources. I currently have an Astrahause and Raitaru, although I’m not sure if I would want to bring them at this time.
If you might be interested in my joining please send me an email in game.

Comander Ilneck Tyme (CIT)
Tyme Industries

Hey there Tamey,

I will reach out to you this evening via Evemail. Looking forward to learn more about you.

Hey there llneck,

Right now we are looking to bring in individual people into our corp. I understand that you have your own corp currently, however I cannot speak on behalf of my alliance for if we could bring you in as a corp.

Would you still be interested in joining individually?

I will consider it. Can you give me more information about your corp and location in nulsec. I will be away for the rest of the evening but will check back tomorrow for your reply.


Hey there llneck Tyme,

As said before, we are an industrial corporation that recently reformed under the SNOVA banner. I’m leading the procurement and mining division for the corporation and we are looking to add people to the ranks to get things moving. If you have any other detailed questions, we can do a private convo in game or on Team Speak.

Looking forward to getting in touch with you.


I would like to do and learn mining, not very experienced miner with solid skills.

Please let me know how we can work this out

Hey there Sir_Ducha,

We are new member friendly and would be more than happy to help give you some of the training you need to mine here with us in Null.

Send me an Evemail in game and I will reach out to you and get more information from you.

Will do

I can link character sheet in EVEmail so you can tall me what I have to work on

Good to see so many new posts. Again, new pilots and anyone of any skill are welcome!