Null Sec Mining Division Looking for Industrialists

I would be very interested in joining. Please contact me in game.

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Hi, Iā€™m very interested in joining you guys. My TZ is EU, hopefully not too much of a bother.

virtually no nullsec experience

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Hey there Nathan Boirelle,

Thanks for reaching out. We have a lot of people in the EU so you would be among many that would play during your time zone.

I am at work currently, but if you want to be proactive, you can evemail our recruiter in game. His name is Eoghan Macc.

If you have not heard anything in the next 24 hours, please reach back out to me and we will get you in touch with someone.

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Our corp is still recruiting more members. Reach out to us in game by sending in an application with your API.

Recruitment is still open. Please send in your application with API to the corp to get things started.

Recruitment is still open. New players welcome.

Recruitment I still open. Miners and ratter needed.

Still looking for more people. Come on out and apply to ZYMUS Industries!

Recruitment is still open. All types of players accepted.

Still looking for more members. New Pilots welcome!

Still looking for more people to join. Please reach out to us in game!

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