0.0 Indy Corp Needs Help

Small Indy Corp looking for new blood to help us grow in 0.0

We are just packing up our HS setup and moving to 0.0 to the big scary null sec space. We got fed up with the HS life and have decided to move to null to eat some tasty rocks. We will need some help to get this going and are looking for like-minded Miners, Ratters and Indy focused people. If you can’t spell PVP we are the Corp for you. We are a small UK based corp and welcome fresh people to share in our next adventure.

We offer the following:

  • 0.0 Ores and Ice

  • Alliance JF service to get your stuff to null.

  • Boosted mining fleets

  • Sell your wares locally, to Corp or ship to Jita

  • Range of BPs to use.

  • No CTAs or PAPs

  • Alliance Citadels and Stations to build, research and invent.

  • Lots of systems for us to Rat and Mine in.

  • Passive income with PI.

  • Laid back, RL comes first attitude.

What we will need from you:

The ability to use Discord and TS.
The ability to act like a human.
The ability to mine and/or PVE.
A full no expiry account wide API.

If you think you could fit in, join our in game channel T_T Public or send a mail to Leane Dune.

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Still looking for help in our new adventure.