0.0 NPC - [Anastases] Recruiting Competent PVP'ers


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Anastases [ANA] is a PVP focused corporation based out in Syndicate 0.0 NPC space. We’re a relaxed group of players, that enjoys to PVP and occasionally run some ISK making activities.

Who are we interested in:
★ Experienced PVP’ers
★ New PVP’ers that are willing to learn, fast!
★ Maturity (97.63% of the time)

What can we offer:
★ Corp and Alliance fleets led by competent FC’s
★ Lots of knowledge of who and where to PVP in the area.
★ Daily PvP
★ Scheduled Corp/Alliance roams
★ ISK Making - PVE, Exploration, Corp loot/ore buy-back

Recruiters: Leo Seti - Caspae Hadano
Recruitment Channel: ANA Recruitment
KB: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006505/

Please reach out to a recruiter or join our in-game recruitment channel for further info.

Leo Seti
Anastases CEO

(Caspae Hadano) #2


(Leo Seti) #3

Come sign up today, for super dank leet pee vee pee!

(Booger Cake) #4

Bump :sunglasses:

(Leo Seti) #5

Still looking. Come join in on the fun!

(Turgun) #6

Currently still looking for more members, if your newish dont worry too much as we can provide training and help on other items :slight_smile:

(Turgun) #7

Still looking for like minded players!!

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