0.0 NPC - [Anastases] Recruiting Competent PVP'ers

Anastases [ANA] is a PVP focused corporation based out in Syndicate 0.0 NPC space. We’re a relaxed group of players, that enjoys to PVP and occasionally run some ISK making activities.

Who are we interested in:
★ Experienced PVP’ers
★ New PVP’ers that are willing to learn, fast!
★ Maturity (97.63% of the time)

What can we offer:
★ Corp and Alliance fleets led by competent FC’s
★ Lots of knowledge of who and where to PVP in the area.
★ Daily PvP
★ Scheduled Corp/Alliance roams
★ ISK Making - PVE, Exploration, Corp loot/ore buy-back

Recruiters: Leo Seti - Caspae Hadano
Recruitment Channel: ANA Recruitment
KB: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006505/

Please reach out to a recruiter or join our in-game recruitment channel for further info.

Leo Seti
Anastases CEO


Come sign up today, for super dank leet pee vee pee!

Bump :sunglasses:

Still looking. Come join in on the fun!

Currently still looking for more members, if your newish dont worry too much as we can provide training and help on other items :slight_smile:

Still looking for like minded players!!

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