0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals


Is this what is wrong with eve/ccp?

Tash-Murkon economic analysts suggest that the Empire will need to begin refreshing its slave stocks within the next few generations. This…Ice Land…seems to be in need of a little Reclaiming.


–Changeling Gadget?

Not young enough?


Religious/political flame war in 3, 2…

Omg, I love it. FTA

If a road is completely necessary, the elves will generally move out of the way, but if it is deemed superfluous, a possibility at Gálgahraun, “very bad things” might happen. “This elf church is connected by light energy to other churches, other places,” Jónsdóttir said. “So, if one of them is destroyed, it’s, uh, well, it’s not a good thing.”

This is why we will never get a lowsec gate to Stain. The elves deemed it superfluous.


If I want to know what Iceland thinks I will go ask the EU what they think because lets face it Iceland has just copied their sentiments and acted like it was their original thoughts.

Iceland is one of those countries that will do whatever its neighbors are doing because it wants to “fit in”, which is remarkably stupid since those countries don’t feel the same. Please tell me where Iceland was the forefront of thinking outside of EvE. They were ripped off by the banks and still have some of the least progressive laws on drugs that have been proven not to hurt you. Iceland is like America, they think they are just great, until you look a little closer.

America is currently being made great again though

Good, is about all that needs to be said about that.

Don’t bring real world politics and religion to the EVE Online forums.