CCP is in trouble!

Dozens of earthquakes strike after volcano starts erupting near capital city

A volcano close to the capital of Iceland and the country’s main airport has started to erupt.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office said the eruption is near the Fagradalsfjall mountain, 20 miles south-west of the capital Reykjavik.

sacrifice CCP Rattati to the gods. :slight_smile:

Not the first time Iceland experiences volcanoes. They’ve dealt with them before and will deal with them again. Maybe the airlines may have to ground flights from mainland Europe, nothing we haven’t seen before.
CCP, stay safe.
You know the deal and the drill.

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Quick someone find a virgin to throw in the Volcano.

oh no not again


Hope you guys are safe.


What about the EVE Monument, isn’t that somewhere around their HQ too? :thinking:

Good thing the servers are in London so those should be safe nevertheless. :wink:

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It’s only a outdoor sculpture featuring the names of all active players.

Does anyone have a list of those names chiseled into that sculpture?

I bet CCP are like O cool another eruption its great living in low sec in rl.

But if It happened in london another story.

Their was a list on reddit about it iceacid but many years ago.


I heard long ago there are many corpses under those streets and they just covered them all up and rebult time and time again over the centuries.

That is a bit freaky, but it would make sense they where almost completely wiped out during the war. O centuries…so like from when they where invaded by romans and then vikings?

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17th century plague pit comes to mind, life was very difficult and the people of today even myself don’t fully grasp the concept of what that must had been like for people and living in that time.

/Reason for bringing that up is say if Iceland is completly covered with molten rock, it would become a part of history. People in the century to come won’t be thinking about this game, but the loss of the flora which includes hundreds of species of plant life. (which I had to google Iceland culture)

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I hear Hilmar is a virgin… HTFU! :rofl:

They should give all the names on that monument a lifetime subscription to EvE.
That would be Monumental.

Wonder how many of us are even playing lol I heard something like 60% of the current pop is from 2018 and up.

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