Is EVE still Icelands biggest export good of country after sale to Korean Pearl Anyss?

How does that work now?

I remember hearing that even Iceland laws/politician loved ccp because they were the biggest export/money-in-to-country bringer.

But now they sold themselves.

So is this still true?

Do the politics now not care about protecting ccp?

Investors was owners of CCP, and THEY sold CCP.

Politicians are known as the freeloaders of someone else success.

They’re still in Iceland and paying Iceland taxes, so nothing’s changed except for who owns it.

Are you sure?

I know APPLE has its money headquarters in Ireland for tax reasons.

In the USA we make a big deal about trying to change the tax code or make Apple “Repatriate” the money back in to the US.

I’m pretty sure if Korea is now where ccps owners reside, THAT is where the bank account is and money goes.

MANY COMPANIES have headquarters/main banks in other countries SPECIFICALLY to avoid taxes in the other countries they mainly reside in actually.

Another example is how inside the USA you can have a SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS in like Florida that somehow is registered and “headquartered” and banked out of like freaking Maine only for tax reasons and they dont even freaking ever go to Maine ever lol

As far as I know, CCP is still based in Iceland and is still a company of its own. The only thing that has changed is the ownership. One of the prior investors is based in Cambridge, Mass and the other in London. It didn’t matter then. It shouldn’t now.

I guarantee who owns the game matters. CCP has held Eve back for years. The new owners will take a more deliberate approach once the honeymoon’s over. Mark my words.

That had nothing to do with the question. The question was whether Pearl Abyss owning CCP means that CCP is no longer Iceland’s biggest export.

It has everything to do with the question. Do you honestly think it will stay in Iceland?

Who says that it won’t? I haven’t seen anyone else even suggest it.

We’re not allowed to gamble, so I can’t bet you. :flower_playing_cards:

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