Thank you ccp

Thank you ccp for all your hard work this year.

It’s a shame pearl abyss bought you, but you tried your best.

I hope they don’t replace you guys with Korean clones.

I also hope this new phone game thingy gets crushed early so that we don’t end up with a shitty clone of eve that no one asked for.

But I do hope a Korean rep for PA comes here and posts “what, you guys dont have phones?”

Just remember CCP and pa, what happened to diablo and command and conquer.


Remember $1000 pants? Pepperidge salt mining division remembers.

Your understanding of the gaming industry is stunningly simplistic.

Nobody likes an ass-kisser.

Why am i not surprised that you failed to read the entire post again.

Short attention span?

Thats why its a hope and not a certainty.

You can hope all you like when those new game projects will fail which is very likely be ready to pay the Koreans extra money If you want more EVE

I dunno…korean hilmar might be kind of interesting…

Yeah…because the history of corporate buyouts in any industry clearly shows there is never any personnel restructuring… Hilmar already sacked most of the community team mere days after saying what a great job they were doing. PA is not big on making decisions based on player feedback. Deals to buy a company for hundreds of millions don’t happen overnight, so hilmar was obviously looking towards making ccp as PA might prefer. Just business.

Seagull left and now we know why that may have been. You don’t seriously think she knew nothing of the game industry? She seemed fairly clever.

I strongly suspect that it will go the exact opposite way. PA didn’t buy ccp for EvE. PA bought ccp for the access to the chinese market and the permissions to operate in china ccp has already established. PA could make billions from the chinese phone-game market. It’s actually a pretty good gamble. EvE as we have known it will sadly be gone. So I think the phone thing is far more important to PA going forward than EvE.

I don’t think PA cares - they might make a lot of money and not from EvE - and ccp is no longer in a position to decide what direction they go long-term with EvE. Hilmar will probably guide ccp into getting the bonus from company sale terms, then announce his retirement shortly after. He’ll be on an Iceland beach in his parka enjoying an umbrella drink and hakarl crisps, not worrying about EvE. o7


Then again, it’s been said many times, that PA is not interested in messing with EVE, CCP still has total say so over EVE. CCP owns EVE, while PA owns CCP, which does not mean that PA owns EVE.

The only people (other than forum “intellectuals”) that I’ve seen say PA is not interested in messing with EVE are people being paid to say PA is not interested in messing with EVE.

Like Falcon’s AMA, it’s all theater to try and keep as many people not bailing in droves as possible. At least until the bonuses are paid out.


any chance people could say thanks without you hijacking? i mean if ya fancy setting up a bash CCP/PA thread then you can do so i’m sure.

but nope, gotta hijack.

Thanks CCP for all your hard work, regardless of what happens, I for one am greatful for every thing you and your staff have done for me.

PS: well,well,well, looks like i made a boo boo, my mistake foggy, my only defense is a rather late night and not having my glasses or wits on.

saying thanks make nobody an ass kisser.


Wasn’t worth reading.

I don’t think you read past the title. Because other than the word thanks there is nothing thankful in that OP.

Subtext, brother. Subtext.


ya know, just awake, ya dead right, lol what an ass. sorry for that :eyes:


Same for much of what you post. Not worth reading

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Remember when the new forums were created to replace the toxic trolling and auto-forum ganking from a handfull of people who now also own these forums too instead of CCP?
How can you possibly defend the community team?

Who hurt you, miner? I can sense your pain.

Not sure what you are sensing. Not a miner, nor in pain.

Neither attacking nor defending them…was talking about hilmar.

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