CCP lost out on my $500 for PLEX

So i justed wanted to let CCP know that I was going to spend $500 on plex today until I found out that they fired about 100 people and to boot not a one was ccp fozzy. Yall need to get your ■■■■ straight before you destroy this game if you already have not.

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They already said that this means the focus is more back on EVE again. While truly sad for the people who lost their jobs, it is not the end for EVE

Your an idiot. Vr was not making any indication of income and profit. Eve online is fine and ccp will reinvest in it. They had to make the cull in vr markets as demand just is not there.

You should invest your plex so we still have eve online in years to come.


Why the Fozzy hate?

Serious question, why is Fozzie responsible for betting the farm on VR and Valk?

I thought Fozzie was the one who got shafted. He was told (he is an employee, right, not an owner) to promote Eve to the faithful while the brand new shiny folks worked on the miracle of VR. He was given the job of explaining to folks why they should be happy that all their money was going to Valk dev and debt service, and not the game they were paying to play.

If you have evidence that Fozzie is somehow responsible for the Valk failure, please share it. Otherwise, check yourself before you threaten another man’s livelihood on an online forum. It is uncool beyond words.


Its a bit of a lame duck statement.
I mean cutting off a whole department naturally means focus, by exclusion, returns more to EVE, but Im skeptical that means any “more” work/investment/development will be put into EVE than before now.


I think CCP should fire the CSM’s while their at it, and leave game changes decisions to a poll of votes by the Community not to players who hardly play :smiley:


I totally get OPs consternation.

Dropping $500 bucks on a game is a huge amount, by any measure.

Part of that, for players, both rich and poor, is that you want to help fund the continuity/development of the product you are interested in/paying for.

Not for some other project. And even worse, when you find out they failed it.

Shakes confidence pretty badly and unfortunately adds to a long list of similar occuring before in CCPs history.


The word is “You’re”. You are. Otherwise your statement is, to be deliberately unkind, idiotic.

You are also highly toxic, Natural Clone Killer. You shower derision and abuse on people you don’t know. You do this as your default setting.

With great sincerity, you might wish to spend some time thinking about that habit. I have yet to see it benefit any human being, and I have considerable experience behind that observation.

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Thats only thing that is to be said…

Dude if anyone offer you candy in side of a van don’t go in.

Not sure why you think it is ok to make such a disgusting analogy.


Its good advise.

I’m not surprised you are ok with that

Also why would someone spend 500$ on a single game at once? Over years I can understand, but not like this.

It was advice not to take anything at face value, to be honest your sensitivities can’t and won’t be part of my life for any moment.

Sorry I guess if that helps.

It seams all you can do lately is just troll

Pretty sure thats what YOU are/where doing.

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Nah Salvos, in recent past you grew more aggressive, or “trolly”, depending on the definition. not blaming you for that, though. the environment of stupids and white knights here can infect anyone.

I’d say OP is a liar. just look at his post; he has to publicly declare that he won’t throw 500 bucks into a videogame. he knows no one at CCP reads this, or cares. it’s just for the show, so there’s no reason to believe it. it’s not even a sum worth mentioning, but hey, let’s pretend anyway, right?


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@Cyril_Methodius you could leave completely like many do everyday and it would make no significant dent in CCP’s income.

You won’t of course. You’ll keep paying your sub and rewarding CCP, all the time complaining, but still handing them cash.

CCP Fozzie also lost colleagues today. I’m certain he couldn’t raise a single ■■■■ over your rage. He knows these people and he’d be more likely thinking of them.


This is loaded with a great deal of false equivalency.

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Opinions often are. Who cares? It’s my opinion regardless.

Good decision. There’s no discount for PLEX today, why the hell would you spend $500 when there is no discount. They have an awesome discount on Omega subscription costs but not on PLEX. So, it would be stupid to buy PLEX today. You should wait until they have a PLEX discount, maybe Christmas or whatever, when it actually makes sense to spend $500 on PLEX, and THEN emo-decline it and make a big speech or whatever.

I propose this thread be locked until there’s a PLEX discount to justify it.