0.0 PvP. We win at everything we do, even losing

What ho, capsuleer!

Have you, perchance, ever thought to yourself, “There just aren’t enough exploding ships in my life”? Well, your answer to that ever-burning enigma may lie deep within the reaches of null-security space, with the ragtag bunch of space pornography addicts “widely” known as Shattered Chaos. Y’see, we’re in Deklein. Not quite in that massive space archipelago-dick, but around the area of the balls. That’s appropriate, because it is our job to swim around and seriously screw up other people’s weeks. That means PVP. Now, what kind of pew pew, you might ask? Well, we got carriers, dreads, blopdroppin’, there’s nothing we aren’t afraid to undock, because anyone can tell you bigger is better. Most of us are from ‘Murica, or that syrup-chuggin’, puck-flingin’ pansy-ass province to the north, so you know we do big.

We are primarily a ustz corp with a growing eu influence. Our alliance and coaltion offer content across all timezones. We are recruiting pvpers and carebears with teeth. We do deployments where everyone is expected to join.

Join Chaos Recruits In game.


Still recruiting



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