0.0 Small Gang PVP Corp - USTZ

Troll Legion is recruiting mature USTZ pilots for 0.0 small gang pvp. New corp started by returning Eve players now based in Pure Blind. Our goal is excellence in skirmish warfare in order to be the force multiplier in 0.0 fleets such as:

Black Ops cruisers - Jump Destroyers - Interdictors - Recon Cruisers - Command ships - Small Gang FAX & Cap drops.

We love small gang pvp:

We’re a small but growing corp, if you are tired of the TiDi blob fests and rather be with a team fighting outnumbered and winning, jump in our recruiting channel. Trolling Grounds and ask for a recruiter.

We’re newbro friendly
Must have mic and headset
Must bring team attitude

Recruitment still open

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